Corrugated Board Folding Carton Manufactures

About Us

RC packages is one of country's famous privately owned paperboard folding carton manufacturers. RC packages stand ready to assist companies of all sizes with their packaging needs.We proudly create unrivaled service.

RC staff has complete technical knowledge about the corrugated box machinery, having worked with fully automated plants. Their combined experience and sheer unbridled enthusiasm alongwith stringent Quality Control standards has been instrumental in ensuring exponential growth. Equipped to manufacture 24X7, the firm is an accredited member of the FCBM.

We provide solutions that create brand value and make room for business improvement. Our main focus is on maximizing the business value of packaging for our customers.

The RC Package Advantage

  • 24/7 Manufacturing
  • Recyclable Products
  • Quality Control
  • 100 Tonnes per month
  • In House Printing
  • In House corrugation

Corrugated Packaging

  • Structurally Rigid
  • Compact & Collapsible
  • Strong & Stackable
  • Tailor Made
  • Multi-Color Printable